Women Can Succeed in Business–A Lecture By Barbara Weaver Smith

Joyce Anthony  shares information about Barbara Weaver Smith and The Whale Hunters on her blog –http://joyce-anthony.blogspot.com/2010/10/women-can-succeed-in-business-lecture.html

The Whale Hunters is a strategic sales coaching company that helps small businesses achieve explosive growth by landing bigger deals with bigger customers. Our business development process has consistently helped hundreds of companies create a repeatable, disciplined sales culture that optimizes the company’s ability to land and harvest whale-sized accounts in any economic climate. The question is how can small businesses grow at a rate that will show results sooner rather than later?  That’s where The Whale Hunters comes in – and we invite you to register for a free account which gives you access to the wealth of information on the new expanded Whale Hunters website– http://www.thewhalehunters.com.

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