Listen live this afternoon as Barbara Weaver Smith in the Executive Girlfriends Club radio show.

Listen live this afternoon as Barbara Weaver Smith in the Executive Girlfriends Club radio show:

4:05 PM – 5:30 PM October 22, 2010

Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith, founder and president of The Whale Hunters®, hasan exceptional leadership background that began in higher education andsuccessfully transitioned to entrepreneurship.
Barbara has authored a whole Whale Hunters Wisdom series – The Mind of aHunter, The Hunt and the Whale Hunting Culture.  Don’t miss this provocativediscussion about how to transform your sales efforts to land the big one.
Career highlights include serving as a dean at Ball State University,president of the Indiana Humanities Council, and founder of two thrivingcompanies. She is known for inspiring, initiating, and managing acceleratedchange through an uncanny ability to understand “how things work” in diverseorganizations. Dr. Smith has led more than 50 complex collaborationsinvolving business, government, higher education, and not-for-profits. Thesepartnerships created new ventures in economic development, education, andregional planning that resulted in millions of dollars in private and publicinvestment. Through that work, Dr. Smith perfected a transformational,collaborative process that dramatically accelerates an organization’s growthtrajectory.

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