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For the Open Mind, Wise Mind virtual tour, some of our hosts will do written interviews with author Ronald Alexander, some will review his book Open Mind, Wise Mind and others will share one or more of his articles. Below is a list of the article and post titles. Please feel free to download the one(s) that will work on your blog. If you want to share an article – but are not part of the tour, please contact and we will promote the post on your blog – and are likely to bring new visitors to your site.

Thank you — Nikki Leigh

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Author Photo and Book Cover Art:

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Four Myths About Mindfulness Meditation

How To Become A Mindful Leader

How to Let Go of Negative Self-Judgments

How to Make Real Change in Your Life

Is Your Intuition Real Gold or Fool’s Gold

Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction

The Wanting Mind of Depression

Mindfully Managing Stess
How to Improve Your Relationships with Wise Speech

The Demons of the Ego Mind

Three Steps to Creatively Transform Any Crisis

Too Busy to Meditate Think Again

How to Stop Arguing

Videos of Ron Alexander — You can include the link shown below or the embed code

Truth Behind Four Meditation Myths – San Francisco

Get Motivated Through Meditation – TV Interview on AM Northwest in Portland

Be Your Own BFF & Learn How to Get Over Your Inner Critic

A 3 Step Process to Transform a Crisis or Change from the Inside Out

Ronald Alexander Open Mind Interview Part 1/2

Ronald Alexander Open Mind Interview Part 2/2

How Mindfulness Improves Business & Career.

How Mindfulness Transforms Crisis & Stress

How to Build a Council of Support

How to Access Your Core Creativity

How To Embrace Resistance to Get Real Change in Your Life

Meditation and Running a Company

Meditation and Christianity

How to Meditate

Why I Got Into Meditation

Why I Wrote Wise Mind, Open Mind

Ronald Alexander’s Meditation Class

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