Guerrilla Marketing in Social Media

I was a fan of guerrilla marketing – long before I knew it had been given a name. And, I’ve kept an eye on any new Guerrilla marketing articles or books for years. So – I noticed this post and had to share it here —

What is Different about Guerrilla Social Media Marketing

I have been asked by a number of people what the difference is between most brands and a brand that employs guerrilla social media strategies. Today I thought I would share an excerpt from my upcoming book that answers that question.

An excerpt from “Guerilla Social Media Marketing” by Shane Gibson and Jay Conrad Levinson

What is an authentic guerrilla brand?

  • It makes promises and statements that can be backed up today, tomorrow and indefinitely.
  • It is customer-focused and sells and markets to the customer what they need and want.
  • It is consistent, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in any geography or language.
  • It doesn’t take shortcuts for short-term gain; the guerrilla brand builds customers for life.
  • It is, however, fallible; all brands have imperfections and weaknesses, and a guerrilla brand does not shovel these things under the rug. It takes feedback and improves the customer experience.
  • It is accessible. No executives are in an ivory tower; no labyrinths have been built to keep out the unhappy customer.
  • It is focused on a distinct area of true competency and expertise, and that is why people gravitate to the guerrilla brand.

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3 Responses

  1. Browsing through the Social Media tags, this one stood out among the rest. It’s always nice to find someone who shares a passion for guerrilla marketing.

    Our product, Advertising 180 (, is a great tool for small businesses to learn advertising strategies on their own and seems to perfectly fit this description of guerrilla marketing. It is completely consumer-focused and available at anytime, anywhere.

    On your Facebook page, the mission stated is, “to help guerrillas around the world harness the power of social media marketing.” Being a fresh, upcoming product, we are striving to break into the market and create some brand awareness. So many companies seem to think creating a facebook account or hold a blog under the company name that their profits will just magically increase. This is obviously not the case, and more care and dedication must follow.

    There are so many branches off the central idea of “social media,” what do you consider the most important first steps into the social media world are?

  2. Thanks for the post on the new book. Cheers! – Shane Gibson co-author Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.

    • My pleasure — I’m always on the look out for new Guerrilla Marketing books 🙂 I was on your blog because I’m looking for potential participants for a virtual tour I’m coordinating and closingbigger – fits the topic perfectly. We will be in touch about that in a couple of days – to see if you would be interested.

      PS – I’d love to do a review on your book 🙂

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