Background About the Cape Hatteras Area From Nikki Leigh, Fiction Author

Join me at the Legendary Lighthouse blog — where background information about the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is shared. This is some of the information that I used as the basis for Lilah and the Locket — the first book in my Cape Hatteras mystery series. The sequel to Lilah and the Locket is in the initial planning phase 🙂

I’m also sharing the cover art for Lilah. A friend of mine painted this picture of Lilah and the base of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I “bribed” her with a ticket to go with me to see the Rolling Stones in concert — little did we now there would be a bomb scare that night, the band was removed from the UVA stadium and the show was finished during a torrential storm. No limit to the interesting background for this book 🙂

Nikki Leigh

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