Add a Custom Domain on Your Free WordPress Blog

Many of my blogs have dedicated domain names – and some don’t – mainly because I have about 40 blogs and am adding them as I decide what to use 🙂

But for anyone who wants to use a blog platform as their primary website — I highly recommend that you bite the bullet and buy a custom domain name – and its great if you get a domain that contains your primary keyword.

If you use a free WordPress blog – it is very easy to add a custom domain and its less than $15 a year. Your business or your book is worth $15 a year.

These are detailed instructions on how to add a custom domain –

I went through the process and these are step by step instructions on how to register the domain – fill in “” — with your chosen domain. If you try to register an address that someone already owns, the site will tell you that there is a problem – so its not a bad idea to have several possible ideas.

Directions to Register a Custom Domain

Go to and enter your log in info. That should bring up your dashboard – if it doesn’t — look at the top of the page and you should see “my dashboard” – click there and click on People Side of Business – that brings up your dashboard. The reason I’m not sure is that I have so many blogs, I get a couple of different pages when I log in, so I don’t know what you will see — but I think you are on the dashboard when you log in. Or if this is complicated I can enter the credit card info – but I’d prefer not to do that.

You will see a long list of links in the left column, scroll to the bottom and click on “settings” – then click on “domains”. Then in the box near the top of the page enter “” — that must be exact. Click add domain and enter all contact info – click ‘register domain” and it will ask for a paypal account info or a credit card number. Follow all prompts and when its done –

I can change the “primary domain” to that address and you’re ready to go 🙂 Or, if you all want to do it, you go back to the “domain” page and click on the primary blog URL — this needs to be the primary address and save it. BUT — anywhere you listed the other address is still fine. It can be changed – but that is not necessary. BOTH addresses will take people to the correct page.

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