My Absolute Favorite and Most Useful Twitter Tool

I searched long and hard for a very specific Twitter tool. There are an unlimited number of Twitter gadgets – but I wanted one that I could go to ANY web page – click one button – and create a tweet about it. I wanted this “magic” button to pull the page title, shorten the link and provide a short description. There were many tools and gadgets that did similar things, but none did that for absolutely any page.

Then I found it —

I discovered Twit It. Sounds innocent enough – but its wonderful. I will say up front that I’ve had to “re-install” it several times, but that takes about 2 minutes.

This is the link for this awesome tool –

This is the explanation that I included in Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing. Twit It is one of over 1200 resource links that I share in this book — you should check it out 🙂

Here are the instructions to install Twit It –

Twitter has become the place to check out what our friends, competitors and other are doing and what they are interested in. It’s very easy to add content to your Twitter micro blog by using a bookmarklet. I admit it took me ages to find this tool, but it was worth the effort. There are links to all kinds of tools, but I wanted one that would let me submit a link in a click. There is an article about bookmarklets at Scroll about half way down the page and you will see “Twit It”. Place your cursor on this hyperlink, then drag and drop onto your navigational bar. Next time you want to mark a page, open the page, click on “Twit It” and “submit” and you’re done.

To get more details about Book Promo 201 –

Book Promo 201 –

Book Promo 201 Reviews –

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