Book Trailer Exposure on Facebook – Do You Have Book Trailers?

Are you an author with book trailer(s)? You should check out this FB group — .

If you don’t have trailers for your book(s) – you should check out my latest book, its all about using Web 2.0 and Social Media to promote and there are 2 chapters about book trailers – including over 1200 free or low price resource links – many for pictures and music for trailers –

Below this video, I’ve included the detailed table of contents for the book trailer chapters.

I’ve had a good number of people comment to me that this book is easily worth the cost – just to have all the free and low cost resources that I share — there are over 1200 resource links and over 90% are FREE.  Almost every idea that I share in this book is free – this book is ideal for the budget conscious author or business that wants to use the internet to promote their product or service.

Part Four – Use Audio and Video Multi Media Options

Chapter Thirteen – Book Trailers – What Are They and How Can You Use Them

  • Meet the Requirements For Individual Video Sharing Sites
  • Locations to Post Book Trailers
  • Preview the Book
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Video Page Content
  • Tube Toolbox
  • Tube Mogul
  • Examples to Help You Learn More

Chapter Fourteen – Creating a Book Trailer

  • Simple Programs to Make a Slide Show
  • Window’s Movie Maker
  • Using Windows Movie Maker
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Windows Movie Maker
  • Free Pictures for Book Trailers
  • Using Pictures to Promote Your Books
  • Free Music for Book Trailers
  • Adding Sound Effects to Your Trailer
  • File Conversion Options
  • Examples to Help You Learn More

After Book Promo 201 was released – I discovered a series of great “bot” programs to add friends and connections to your social media accounts. They all wok well – but I highly recommend the YouTube Blaster program – I’ve switched from Tube Toolbox to YouTube Blaster and am very happy with the way it performs – check this link for more info

2 Responses

  1. sorry but Tube Toolbox dominates. Maybe Blaster is good for rookies but the Pro’s move on to Tube Toolbox. It has helped me tremendously with my Channel

    • I used to think that – but once I dug into it, there’s no comparison and it works faster which is great and my clients love the results 🙂

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