Classified Generation Automated – A Great Tool for Affiliate Marketers

How would you like to automatically generate and submit classified ads on 900 online sites?

This is a fantastic tool for affiliate marketers – and for any other business people who want to generate links back to their website and to circulate their message through classified ads on the internet.

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From the secret lab of: Howie Schwartz
RE: Effective no-cost advertising

If you’ve been trying to sell products and services online for any amount of time, and have been pulling out your hair trying to get traffic then pay attention!

“Traffic Is King But How The Hell Do You Generate It?”

It kills me when I see a website selling good products and services having to shut down.

The website owners decided to end their dream of living the internet lifestyle after struggling to bring a significant amount of traffic to their online business.

Their products or services they are selling are good, but the amount of traffic they get sucks big time.

The entrepreneurs know that traffic is king and they’ve done whatever they can to generate it, but the fact is – they are not generating enough visitors with their hard work.

“Working Hard Does Not Guarantee Results!”

I’ve seen many motivated entrepreneurs reduced to tears after seeing their hard work bring in a trickle of traffic. That’s no joke – Mature men frustrated out their minds.

Here are some of the traffic generating strategies which they’ve used:

–          Writing articles until their hands are numb and spend hours submitting them to article directories

–          Search Engine Optimizing their websites and building back links whenever they have the time

–          Participate on forums daily. Looking for threads to reply and show their expertise.

–          Participate using the latest social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Squidoo

–          Spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on Adwords (Pay Per Click Marketing).

Don’t get me wrong. The above methods do work… but they take time.

The problem with traditional methods of generating traffic is that they require you to…

–          write hundreds of articles to get a decent amount of traffic to your website.

–          build hundreds/thousands of back links to have a significant impact on the search engines for your desired keywords

–          participate every day on forums to build up your reputation so that people will buy from you

–          spend hours on each social media platform to build trust and get people to visit your website

All these traffic generating methods work… but need a lot of effort and take up a lot of time.

You as an entrepreneur need instant results. You can’t wait because you need the money now.

Adwords and other pay per click marketing tools, work very fast. You can almost instantly get targeted traffic to your website BUT… you need to pay for this traffic!

If you don’t know how to write a good ad and are new to pay per click marketing, then you’ll need to burn a lot of money first, before finding the correct ad that will bring profits for you.

So before you make any money, you need to spend thousands of dollars on Adwords first.

“Damn It! So Is There Any Such Thing As Free Instant Traffic?”

Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel…

I will reveal how you can get targeted prospects to your website and buy from you. An easy method that doesn’t break your bank or have you slaving long hours into the night.

The method I will reveal is:

–          FREE of charge

–          takes less than 20 minutes of your time

–          helps you find out what your most effective ads are

–          improve your search engine rankings

–          helps you bring in sales while you carry on writing articles and building back links to your website

Does this sound to good to be true? Sounds like a scam? I promise you it is not.

Successful marketers have been using this method secretly, sucking cash online, building a huge list of customers.

The method is using classified ads to promote your products and services.

“The Secrets To Using Classified Ads”

If you’ve tried using classified ads in the past and haven’t had much success with it – don’t jump into conclusions just yet.

Although placing classified ads is free, it is very effective. You just need to know how to do it correctly.

Some people are convinced that classified ads don’t work because:

–          it is free

–          it is not marketed as being an effective method

–          they’ve tried posting to few classified websites and have had no response

Being free does not mean that the method is crap. Search engine marketing on Google is free and it’s very effective if you’re ranked high enough for your keywords.

There are other methods that are very popular now including Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, MySpace, Squidoo etc…

But have you had much success with the above? If not then you need to understand how classified ads can turn your business around.

Yes! Howie I want traffic on auto pilot for 12 months and to save $417!

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