Patient Empowerment is the Topic for Discussion on the Sick of Doctors? Virtual Tour with Lorene Burkhart

Lorene Burkhart Tours Cyber Space in a Virtual Blog Tour to Share Her Latest Book – Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It!

May 3, 2010 – During the month of June, Lorene Burkhart will tour cyberspace to share details about herself and her book, Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! She will visit a wide variety of blogs and will share a variety of information about patient empowerment and how to take control of your health care. We will also have blog owners sharing their reviews about Sick of Doctors? The full tour schedule is posted at

Some of the topics that are discussed in the book include:

  • Patient Empowerment
  • Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare education
  • Improvement in patient’s healthcare

Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! – In this groundbreaking book, author Lorene Burkhart challenges each of us to enter the era of empowered patients by letting go of past practices and embracing outcome-based medical services. Being accountable for one’s own body and health is a huge step toward improved medical relationships. She rejects the old authoritarian system of “handing it over” to a doctor as one that is no longer appropriate or wise, and that made its exit when the Internet made its entrance. Using a variety of resources as a guide, Burkhart encourages patients to be their own medical advocates with the ultimate reward being their own good health.

Lorene McCormick Burkhart is a genuine entrepreneur. Her business career spans 40 years and features many notable achievements, which in their time broke traditional business boundaries. From becoming a female executive before the phrase “glass ceiling” was coined to founding her company, Burkhart Network in 2007 at the age of 73, Burkhart is a true trail blazer. She’s just published her fifth book Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! A Prescription for Patient Empowerment, with two more book titles scheduled to be published in 2010.

Join us on the Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! virtual tour. To learn more about the tour, visit You can also learn more about Lorene Burkhart and the book at If you would like to be a host on this tour, contact nikki @

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