Sick Of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! – Table of Contents

During the months of June and July, Lorene Burkhart, author of Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It! will tour cyber space with a virtual book tour.

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Sick of Doctors? Then Do Something About It!



Chapter 1 – Forget the Old Days

  • Goodbye House Calls
  • Hello Hospitals

Chapter 2 – Understand the System

  • The Blues Pay
  • Doctors Specialize and Doctor Groups Are Born
  • Uncle Sam and Private Insurers Enter the Pay Picture
  • HMO Who?
  • Free Meds to the Doctors

Chapter 3 – Shop For a Doctor

  • Let’s Talk
  • Become a Partner with Your Physician
  • Be Your Own Record Keeper
  • What is a Medical Advocate
  • Patient-Physician Compatibility or Not?

Chapter 4 – Beware of Doctor God

  • Who and Why
  • What Does Med School Have to Do with Personality
  • Physician Competencies Are Now Required

Chapter 5 – Question Motives

  • Behind Closed Doors – At Home
  • … And at Work
  • Doctor-Nurse Relationships
  • Doctor Dictators
  • Doctors Begin to Lean There’s No “I” in “Team”

Chapter 6 – Manage Adversarial Relationships

  • Please, Just Listen to me!
  • Rush to Judgment – Snap Diagnosis
  • Patient’s Stories

Chapter 7 – Consider the Alternatives

  • You Have Choices
  • Taking a Trip For Your Health Care
  • Boutique Physician Practices and Facilities
  • Consumer and Alternative Medicine

Chapter 8 – Create Your Own Health Program

  • What Are Patient’s Roles in Their Own Health Care?
  • CDHC – Consumer Medicine Becomes a Movement

Chapter 9 – Know What’s Happening in the Medical World

  • Medicine Malpractice and Errors
  • Is That the Right Diagnosis?
  • Patient Safety is Not an Option
  • GMP – Good Medical Practice

Chapter 10 – Rejoice When You Find a Winner!

  • There ARE Good Doctors! Meet Two of Them
  • Does Dream Meet Reality
  • Where Do Doctors Go For Help?
  • Tomorrow’s Physician Shortage – Today

Chapter 11 – Prepare for the Future

  • One Doctor’s Vision for Future Health Care
  • Would “Pay for  Performance” Guarantee Good Outcomes?
  • Family Doctors
  • Doctor Fall Off Their Pedestals
  • The Evolution of Health Care



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