Do You Have an Active Blog? Do You Welcome Guest Bloggers?

Without hosts – our blog tours would not exist. We work with a wide variety of interesting bloggers and they give life to our campaigns. We are in the process of expanding the list of bloggers that we work with. Some bloggers we work with once – others we work with on a good number of tours – much of this depends on the focus on their blog. We’re also looking out for new bloggers and would love to add you to our host list.

We are always on the lookout for bloggers, newsletter creators and website owners or managers who would be interested in being notified about our upcoming virtual tours and campaigns. We notify these people about tours and campaigns when we start to coordinate the project and if they are interested – they simply let us know. If the topic or project is not of interest – they simply ignore the invitation. There is NO obligation to participate in any campaign and we review the blog, newsletter, radio show, website etc – to be sure that it is a match for the project. If you would like to be added to our master host list – drop me a note at nikki @ or you can complete this survey –

What a Tour May Include:

These are some of the things that we usually do with individual tour stops –

  • Written or recorded interview – the hosts supply the questions for our client to answer
  • Guest post or article written by the client – about a topic that is relevant to their product or service
  • Written interview with a character from a book – the host can ask questions of a character in a book
  • Radio interview – we work with online radio shows and radio stations to coordinate interviews for client
  • We can often supply a book or a sample of a product that we are promoting for reviews
  • We are also open to unusual ideas – so feel free to suggest an idea 🙂

We look forward to speaking to you and learning more about you and your blog.

Any questions – feel free to contact me

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