The New Rules for Mortgages Continues to Tour Cyberspace

Dale Robyn Siegel’s virtual book tour, with The New Rules for Mortgages, will continue through November. She is visiting a variety of weblogs and radio programs to talk about her work and to share her expertise on mortgages and financial planning. For more details, and to see the itinerary, please visit:

Buying a home is the most important investment most people will ever make. Whether you’re a typical homeowner or prospective home buyer, working toward financial independence and success, or a person who invests in real estate on a large scale, understanding the mortgage industry is vitally important. The mortgage market has undergone major changes in the past few years, and it is still struggling. So, the rules that applied to mortgages in the past are no longer valid. You need to understand how things work now.

Dale Robyn Siegel, author of The New Rules for Mortgages, is a licensed attorney in New York and owner of Circle Mortgage Group, a boutique mortgage broker in White Plains, New York. She is an adjunct professor at Baruch College as well as NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate. Dale has been speaking to the public and teaching real estate professionals about mortgage finance for the past ten years.

The New Rules For Mortgages is the latest and most current book on how to get the best mortgage and the lowest interest rate. The material is kept current with frequent updates online. The material is a combination of her classroom format, her everyday knowledge and expertise, and real life experiences.

For more information, please see Dale’s website:

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