Deborah DeNicola Begins Her Virtual Book Tour With The Future That Brought Her Here

Today, we are launching a virtual book tour for The Future that Brought Her Here: Memoir of a Call to Awaken by professor, poet and author Deborah DeNicola. For more details about the tour, and to see the itinerary, please visit:

Deborah DeNicola is the author of five poetry collections and she edited the anthology Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology. Among other awards she won a Poetry Fellowship in 1997 from the National Endowment for the Arts. Deborah has been a recipient of many writing colony residencies. She teaches dream image work and mentors writers online at her web site

Her most recent book, The Future that Brought Her Here: Memoir of a Call to Awaken, is her spiritual memoir published by Nicolas Hays/Ibis Press. In addition to sharing her own spiritual journey, DeNicola explores Jungian archetypes and dream work and reveals the “Feminine Way of Knowing,” which will facilitate humanity’s shift to higher consciousness during the inevitable changes our civilization faces. She also touches on String Theory and quantum physics, medieval history, the crusading Templar Knights, the Black Madonnas, The Church of Mary Magdalen and revelations from the Gnostic Gospels, highlighting the truths shared by diverse spiritual traditions.

For more information, please see:

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