Happy About an Extra Hour a Day Tour Kicks Off in September

As a work-at-home mom with three terrific kids, I have gleaned a lot from Happy About An Extra Hour Every Day by Nicolas Soergel. The author, CEO of a multi-national corporation, has interviewed successful executives all over the world about how they manage their time. His book, which is laid in out a very practical, concise way, helps readers save time negotiating various aspects of their lives, including working, traveling, and housekeeping.

“If you can save one minute, 60 times a day, you can gain the extra hour needed to make your dreams happen,” says Soergel.

After Labor Day, we will kick off the Happy About an Extra Hour a Day Virtual Blog Tour. We have many terrific bloggers on board, including businesspeople, authors/reviewers, and working parents.

We still have a few openings, so if you would like to be part of the tour, please let us know! (email Steph — Stephanie@nikkileigh.com) We are trying to reach busy parents, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. We’re looking for first-rate blogs to write book reviews (we provide the book), or post excerpts or articles, which we will supply. These articles are linked to a download page so you can easily choose something that would interest your readers. As part of the tour, we promote your blog post extensively through social media sites, so this is a great opportunity to generate new visitors for their site

You can find more information here: http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2009/07/happy-about-extra-hour-day-by-nicolas.html

and at the author’s blog: http://www.anextrahoureveryday.com/

Tour Schedule:

Wednesday, September 2 — Karen Leland shares an article titled “Free
Up Your Time With Five Financial Saving Strategies” at the Huffington Post Living Section — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karen-leland

Tuesday, September 8 – Dianne Ascroft shares an article by Nicolas Soergel at Ascroft, Eh? — http://dianneascroft.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, September 9 – Author and reviewer Margay Justice discusses Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem — http://moonlightlacemayhem.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 10 – Author and reviewer Marilyn Meredith shares her review of Happy About an Extra Hour a Day on Marilyn’s Musings — http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com/ and Reviews by Marilyn http://reviewsbymarilyn.blogspot.com/

AND Time management skills are essential for busy working parents (is there any other kind?)Mom of 3 Boys Blog discusses how to save time housecleaning — http://momof3boys3702.blogspot.com/

Friday, September 11 – Stephanie Ward shares her review of Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at Stark Raving Bibliophile — http://starkravingbibliophile.blogspot.com/ and Laughing Stars — http://laughingstars.homeschooljournal.net/

Monday, September 14 – Jane Maritz shares her review of Happy About an Extra Hour a Day on Mozi Esme — http://moziesme.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, September 15 – Paige Vistinin hosts Nicolas Soergel at The Nurse Mommy — http://www.thenursemommy.com/

Wednesday, September 16 – Nikki Leigh shares her review of Happy About an Extra Hour a Day on Evan Carmichael – http://www.evancarmichael/

Thursday, September 17 – Rashmi hosts Nicolas Soergel at Mommy Reviewed – http://www.mommyreviewed.blogspot.com/

Friday, September 18 — Jim Estill shares his review of Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at CEO Blog — Time Leadership — http://www.jimestill.com/

Saturday, September 19Chelle Cordero hosts Nicolas Soergel.

Monday — September 21 — Reviewer Susan Jensen discusses Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at Bloggin’ ‘bout Books — http://blogginboutbooks.blogspot.com/

AND Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World hosts Nicolas Soergel.

Wednesday, September 23 – Elizabeth Harrin shares information from Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at Project Management Tips

AND Donna Sundblad shares information from Happy About an Extra Hour a Day at Book Hookup — http://bookhookup.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 24 — Daytimer.com shares an article titled “Place A Limit On Your Phone Time”– http://daytimer.wordpress.com/

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