Just the FAQs—Why Should You Care About RSS?

Learn why the average non-techie entrepreneur should care about something like RSS and more when Principled Profit http://principledprofit.com/good-business-blog/qa-with-maanna-stephenson-author-of-just-the-faqs-ebooks-series/2009/07/07/ interviews author MaAnna Stephenson, author of the Just the FAQs ebook series. MaAnna draws from her experience which includes two decades of technical writing, web design and marketing. Don’t miss this opportunity to stop by as she shares more information related to her user-friendly guides related to the technical aspects of internet marketing and promotions.

When you visit MaAnna’s tour stop at Principled Profit , leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for two free Just the FAQs classes http://www.justthefaqs.net/classes.shtml . Not only that, but every commenter is a winner and will have the opportunity to receive a copy of MaAnna Stephenson’s e-book the Quick Step Guide. If you haven’t already read her books, be sure to pick up the series at http://www.justthefaqs.net/ebooks.shtml.

For the most up to date information for all tours, visit: http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2009/05/just-faqs-blog-tour-with-maanna.html

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