Dr Ava Cadell Shares A Special Offer For Women of Wisdom

Dr Ava – http://worldsbestlover.blogspot.com/2009/06/special-event-for-women-of-wisdom.html

Relationship consultant Dr. Ava offers a special preview of Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes at her blog: Spice Up Your Life – With Dr. Ava and Loveology University. Don’t miss your chance to get a glimpse of Women of Wisdom, which explores women’s creativity, intellect and spirituality through various works, including stories, art, poetry and songs. If you buy a copy today, you will receive $3000 worth of free gifts. Dr Ava has a special offer included in the bonuses for each person who buys a copy of Women of Wisdom.

Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes, is being offered beginning on June 23rd, 2009 at 12:01 am. We invite you to go to this page – www.wisewomanpublishing.com/womenofwisdom.html – to access the order page and then go back to this page to access the bonus page. On the Exclusive Private Invite page, enter your order confirmation code. That will allow you to gain entry to the bonus gifts that are available to people who buy the book on June 23rd.

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