Start with the Facts with Bryn Colvin

How did you get interested in the topic that’s featured in your book?
Seth Lakeman’s song ‘The White Hare’ drew me into looking at west country hare mythology, and the novel grew out of that.

Tell us a bit about your background. What have you done in the past that relates to your book and that topic?
Much of what happens in this story, I have no personal experience of, for which I am deeply grateful. The magical/shamanic aspects are rooted in my own beliefs and experiences though.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in your topic?
Check out Seth Lakeman, invest in a Druid Animal Oracle set, and keep reading the history books!

What do you see as the benefit to participating in groups and organizations? My first thought would be networking opportunities and the chance for personal and business growth. What are your reasons?
Most of my inspiration comes from people I meet. The various groups I am in have given me opportunities to connect with some truly amazing people. In the case of this book, I had a lot of practical support from people at folk club, when it came to doing the necessary research.

Who is the ideal person to read your book? If each person that reads this was going to recommend your book to one person, what sort of person would they want to chose?
Someone of a pagan inclination, with an interest in folklore and history – and that’s not as niche a target audience as it may sound.

What do you think ignites a person’s creativity?
Nothing beats having someone else tell me their stories – anything true is good. I’m blessed with some seriously inspirational people in my life.

What have you found to be the biggest stumbling block for people who want to start writing?
Having enough ideas is always an issue. The other one seems to be having the focus and discipline to see a book through to the end. Lots of people start writing novels, few of them finish.

How would you suggest they can overcome that?
Designating a little time every day, or setting targets for words per week might help I suppose. It’s not a problem I’ve ever really had!

What do you find is the biggest motivator for people to succeed? Is it money, security, desire for fame or something else?
I think that depends on the individual. I write for the joy of creating, and in the hopes of engaging other people in some way that works for them.

Who is the “perfect” person to read your book?
Someone who likes their stories to be unpredictable.

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