Kindle from Amazon Now Offers the Chance for Paid Blog Subscriptions

May. 15, 2009 (8:46 am) By: Brian Osborne

If you’re a blog writer the folks at Amazon is offering yet another way for you to monetize your blog. Amazon is allowing you to sell the contents of the blog itself to owners of the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle for iPhone applications.

A blog writer charges a monthly subscription price for every subscriber which they will receive 30% from. That means 70% of the subscription will go to Amazon. Amazon will set the price for blog subscriptions and writers will not have the option of offering their blog for free. Amazon estimates that it takes 12 to 48 hours to make a blog available through the Kindle Store.

When I read something like this it really gets the gears in my head turning in regards to what one could write that would be interesting enough for someone to pay for. Usually, the most honest answer is most of us would be surprised. That’s why I say if you got a blog it doesn’t hurt to offer it on Kindle. Even if it only adds up to extra beer money every month.

Read more from the Amazon website.


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