What A Month

I was just posting information about a radio interview for Dyan Garris tonight on Abundant Solutions radio. I looked in the margin of the blog and noticed that we have posted 95 different posts this weekend. Whew – no wonder we’re tired. But, have no fear – we have more interesting things coming up for you 🙂

Are you ready for Dan Fogelberg? Its time to get ready – the Dan Fogelberg Retrospective CD tour begins on Thursday. Plenty of great music and information about the interview done with Dan by Fred Migliore of FM Odyssey. This is your chance to enjoy some Dan Fogelberg music and learn about the man and the thoughts behind the music.

We will also be sharing more information from Darryl Hagar and his memoir – The Man Overboard. Darryl has gotten into just about anything possible – mostly illegal, but he managed to get his life under control and back on track and he is now working to help other people who have drug and alcohol addictions. He’s been there and wants to help other people realize there is a better way and to help you find the way back. We will also create several social media networking profiles where you can learn more about Darryl and his book. You can post comments and ask him questions. There are also radio shows and blog posts coming up where parts of his story will be told.

Those are just a couple of the things that are coming —- more information coming soon.

Nikki Leigh

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