Read a 4.75 Star Review for Before the Scalpel by Panchali Dhar, MD

Wednesday February 18 –

Surgery, whether planned or emergency, is something that its hard to plan for – that is one of the many reasons you need to read Before the Scalpel. Anesthesia is not “one size fits all” and Dr Panchali Dhar goes into detail about anesthesia concerns for parents and children, overweight patients, cosmetic or plastic surgery patients and much more. Something as simple as your makeup and nail polish can create problems. This is a book everyone needs to read – if you have time to plan for surgery, meet the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, that is wonderful. But, do you even know the questions to ask? Do you want to meet the anesthesiologist while you’re on the table? Be prepared and protect your health – read Before the Scalpel…

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