Meeting Tony Napoli Author of My Father, My Don

A few months ago we promoted Tony’s book – My Father, My Don and we got great feedback. He just shared the link to this article with me and I wanted to share. Learn more about the man behind the book —

Meet Tony Napoli

I am in the process of reading Tony Napoli’s book “My Father, My Don,” and let me tell you this is one gripping book. Unlike any true crime/mob book you have ever read. A story so well told, so gripping yet so morbidly entertaining.

Tony was in Las Vegas last week doing a book signing at Cheesecake and Crime, (awesome bookstore with great cheesecake), and I was able to meet him. Such a gentleman. In all ways of the word.

All I can say is that if you were to call up central casting and ask for an actor who looked like a mobster, Tony Napoli is the guy they would send you. Honestly. The dress, the manners, the accent, and the hand gestures… straight out of the movies…

He would also be the guy to call if you wanted to know how the mob gained power and influence over American labor, and the building of Las Vegas into the entertainment capital of the world.

As the title explains; A son’s journey from organized crime to sobriety… the son is Tony Napoli, his father was the head of the all powerful Ginovese crime family. So you know it’s definitely not your ordinary coming of age, coming out of the mob type book.

It’s a tell all book, but it’s a great tell all book. Starting with Tony dissecting a punk who molested his daughter, and how that brought him great clarity and ended of his crime life while opening up another new chapter of sobriety, redemption, and charity.

From there, you are taken on a wild, page turning ride that basically covers the history of organized crime in America, as well as the growth of Las Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world. All told in vivid first person accounts, as he lived them, in detail.

Tony talks in stories as he drives home the points of honesty, integrity, family, honor, and patriotism. This is sort of odd when you think about his family and the family business… a business which is seen as nothing but a bunch of law breakers, murders and thugs. All well earned monikers Tony would agree.

In the end you are left breathless, and wondering just how he really could have survived all of that and lived to tell about it. After everything he has lived through. The ups, the downs, the painful loses, and the death and destruction. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn about his latest passions in life, and the new worlds that he is exploring.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. My Father, My Don

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