Final Day of the January 2009 Virtual Blog Tours

Friday January 30 –

We wrap up a busy and fun month at Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours – this is the last day of Phyllis Schieber’s tour, so if you haven’t visited a blog and posted a comment – this is your last chance. She is giving away a couple of books to special visitors — will you be one of those winners. If you missed any of her tour stops visit – to find out more about all of the stops. She shared guest posts and interviews along with a bunch of great reviews for her book this month – and they are still available for you to read at any time. (PS – Phyllis is touring in March to promote her next book.)

Cheryl Koch – Guest Post from David Snowdon

Anna Horner shares her review for The Sinner’s Guide to Confession and a guest post by Phyllis Schieber –

PG Forte author of The Big O – shares information this week that ties into her book – visit to learn more – This contains adult content

We’re sharing a couple of Dr Ava’s article with you. The deadline to enter the World’s Best Lover Contest is getting close (February 6th), so we’re working to get you in the mood to submit your entry. Remember, all you do to enter is to write a few paragraphs to explain why your lover is the best. It does not need to be graphic – heartfelt is great. Why does your lover mean so much to you and how do they show that they love you? PG shares some great (and explicit) information above and these two posts are appropriate for anyone to read — Love Economics – Three Levels of Communication

To enter the World’s Best Lover contest –

For the most up to date information for all tours, visit

Nikki Leigh – Award winning Author & Publicist

Book Promo 101 –
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Visit for all tour information

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