Before the Scalpel by Panchali Dhar, MD – Virtual Book Tour

Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know About Anesthesia
by Panchali Dhar, MD

The decision has been made: you are going to have surgery. You’ve met with your surgeon. You have a good idea what will happen during the operation. But how much do you know about the anesthesia?

Did you know, by the age of 50 most people have had at least 3 or 4 encounters with some form of anesthesia? Before you or a loved one undergoes another surgery or medical procedure, this book will enable you to empower yourself and learn the basic questions to ask about anesthesia.

Did you know 1 in 7 Americans will be getting plastic surgery in the next 5 years. By the year 2015, 55 million plastic surgery procedures will be done annually.

Why is superstar Beyoncé afraid of childbirth? She said on having a baby: “No way! I’m terrified of delivering a child because I saw my nephew being born. That traumatized me. I’m only 27. I’ve got time….” Hear what Dr. Dhar has to say about how to eliminate that fear and give birth pain-free.

Every mother and father’s nightmare: The phone rings. It’s the day care center or the school. Your child has had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. Your child needs surgery and must undergo anesthesia. What does this mean? You’ve tried to educate yourself about childhood diseases and symptoms and be prepared to take care of routine first aid situations. But now you’re in a panic! Read this book to be prepared and know what questions to ask.

Author Panchali Dhar, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Anesthesiologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. She has demystified the process and terms associated with anesthesia and arranged the information in an easy to understand topic-by-topic sourcebook. Dr. Dhar takes you into the complicated, fascinating, cutting-edge world of anesthesia.

In Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia, Dr. Dhar explores such real-life topics as:

  • Pain-relief options during Labor and Delivery
  • Facts to know before deciding on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Why children are not just “small adults” when it comes to anesthesia
  • How obesity adds risk to surgery and anesthesia
  • The common fear of awareness during anesthesia

In Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia, Dr. Dhar walks readers through the various steps that ensure a safe and pain-free experience during medical procedures that may require or benefit from anesthesia. Before the Scalpel is formatted and illustrated for quick and easy reference in an interactive manner. This is a take-along-book to the doctor’s office, with outlines and room to make notations. Each chapter is a mini crash course for any person who is concerned about the anesthesia aspect of surgery.

To view videos about various elements of the book – visit

Concerns for Overweight Patients –

Preparing for Surgery –

Plastic Surgery Patients –

Surgery Concerns for Children –

To read the full table of contents, visit

To look inside the book –

This is the publisher’s sale page –

To buy your copy –

We are beginning to coordinate a virtual tour for Before the Scalpel which will run from mid February to mid March. If you have a blog that deals with these topics – feel free to contact Nikki for more details at

Virtual Tour Schedule – Additional Dates will be Added as Dates are Confirmed

Mon Feb 16 – Cheryl Malandrinos shares information from Panchali Dhar about anesthesia concerns for obsese patients. Anyone who is overweight needs to be aware of these concerns Before the Scalpel –

Tues Feb 17 – Cheryl Malandrinos asked Panchali Dhar about anesthesia concerns for patients with asthma – visit her blog to find out the answer –

Wed Feb 18 – Hava Lyon hosts Before the Scalpel today on her blog –

Fri Feb 20 – Peter Jones hosts Panchali Dhar, MD on his blog to share information about her book, Before the Scalpel.

Mon Feb 23 –Sondra Santos LaBrie shares her interview with Dr Dhar on her blog and many of her questions deal with a parents concerns for their children –

Wed Feb 25 – Chelle Cordero an New York State Emergency Medical Technician hosts Panchali Dhar, MD on her Women in Charge blog today

Fri Feb 27 – Sondra Santos LaBrie shares her interview with Dr Dhar on her blog

Mon Mar 2 – Joyce Anthony shares details about Before the Scalpel

Wed Mar 4 – Rashmi of Mommy Review blog shares details about anesthesia that will appeal to mothers and fathers –

Thurs Mar 5 – Joyce Anthony shares details about Before the Scalpel

Mon Mar 9 – Read more about Panchali Dhar, MD and her new book, Before the Scalpel on the Stanford Wellsphere blog –

Tues Mar 10 – Read Dr

Wed Mar 11 –

Thurs Mar 12 – Joyce Anthony shares her review for Before the Scalpel

Friday Mar 13 – Read Nikki Leigh’s review for Before the Scalpel

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