Dyan Garris in Interviewed by Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Friday December 19

Dyan Garris is interviewed by Alisa Cooper at 1 pm PST – A New Spirit of Business – The Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce – http://www.achieveradio.com/holistic. You can listen live or download the show later from the archive.

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Dr Ava Launches a Cyber Search For The World’s Best Lover – Can You Help Us Find The Winner?

Dr Ava Cadell, founder of Loveology University will tour cyber space in January to share information about Loveology U, the wide variety of ebooks, audio and courses that she offers. We will focus on her Tantric Sex Workbook & Audio and we are also on the hunt for the World’s Best Lover and we need your help.

The Tantric Sex Workbook & Audio and The World’s Best Lover Competition:

In Loveology University’s Tantric Sex Certification Course, you will learn the definition of Tantra and the different kinds of Tantra. Discover how to practice Tantra as a single person verses a couple and the best way to introduce a partner to Tantric sex. There are plenty of Tantric sex techniques, but more than that, you’ll understand how Tantra can help to heal a hurt relationship and treat common sexual concerns. These sensual secrets are sure to please your mind, body and soul.

For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs. For men it can open up a whole new world to intimacy and it can give them the tools to become multi-orgasmic. For couples it’s an opportunity to create a more meaningful and intimate connection. So, get ready to explore new sexual territory, expand your ideas about your relationships, intimacy and sex.

World’s Best Lover Competition

Love Guru Dr. Ava Cadell, founder of www.loveologyuniversity.com, invites romantics to submit a FREE entry listing why their lover is the best. They receive a FREE certificate for their partner attesting to this loving tribute. This is a perfect Valentine’s gift at no cost. Each person who submits an entry will also receive a FREE copy of the ebook 52 Sizzling Sex Secrets. Deadline for submissions is February 6th, 2009. The winner will be announced on February 13th and they will win a $2000 scholarship for Loveology University or $1000 cash.

Perspective Audience for The Tantric Sex Workbook and The World’s Best Lover Contest:

Couples, singles who date online, people who want better sex lives, life coaches who want to become love coaches, nurses, students, massage therapists, counselors and newlyweds.

Topics for The Tantric Sex Workbook and World’s Best Lover Competition

Valentine’s Day, romance, love, relationships, intimacy, better sex, love coaching, loveology, tantra, tantric love, sex and much more.

About Dr Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University:

Love Guru, Media Therapist, Author and World Speaker, Dr. Ava is an accomplished author of seven books. When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava who has appeared on numerous national shows including Good Morning America, Extra, Montel, Geraldo, Anderson Cooper 360, Scarborough County, Fox News Live and a variety of shows for MTV, VH1, Discovery, Lifetime, TLC, ‘E’ and A & E.

Through her private practice in LA, she counsels people on personal issues that range from anger management, fear of intimacy, communication problems, performance anxiety, infidelity, love and sex addiction, lack of desire, power struggles, and parental concerns.

Dr Ava’s Full bio – http://worldsbestlover.blogspot.com/2008/12/about-dr-ava-cadell-founder-of.html

Dr Ava’s website – www.loveologyuniversity.com

Check out Dr Ava’s speaker information and media details on YouTube –

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6kU5SrT1H1Q
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=u9l-c3GXhdo

Earl Ofari Hutchinson Talks on Anderson Cooper Tonight – 12/18

Thursday December 18th at 10 pm EST – political analyst and author, Earl Ofari Hutchinson is scheduled on Anderson Cooper. They plan to talk about Obama and Rick Warren, Caroline Kennedy and a possible senate seat and they may talk about Dr Hutchinson’s new book How Obama Won. For much more information about How Obama Won and Earl Ofari Hutchinson – visit www.learnhowobamawon.blogspot.com

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Mark Tewart Author of How To Be A Sales Superstar

Take a few minutes to look over these links to learn more about Mark Tewart and his best selling book – How to be a Sales Superstar. He is being hosted by Joyce Anthony this week and she is sharing information about Mark, about How to be a Sales Superstar and much more. In tough economic times, we can all use information to become a better sales person (no matter what sort of job we have). Just think – if you’re more effective in your job, you will be more valuable to your employer.

Tuesday December 16

See the first post by Joyce Anthony about Mark Tewart and How to be a Sales Superstar – http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/1864736/mark-tewart-shares-on-how-to-become-a-sales-superstar/

This is the second day with Joyce Anthony on her blog http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/1864999/mark-tewart-talks-with-books-and-authors and the focus will be on How to be a Sales Superstar

Wednesday December 17

Today Joyce posts an Interview with Mark Tewart about himself, his life, his book and his work on her blog – http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/1865313/questions-and-answers-with-mark-tewartsales-superstar

Thursday December 18

Joyce will post her review today on her blog http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog for How to be a Sales Superstar

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Honest Scrap Award

I received the Honest Scrap Award today from L Diane Wolfe! It seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and frivolous on a rainy, cold, dreary day.


Below are the guidelines when winning the Honest Scrap award:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!)

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers who will be brutally honest with their answers

So let’s start with the 10 honest things about myself:

1. Chick flicks usually make me cry, but I really prefer a good drama or thriller

2. When I sit down to watch a movie – I’m usually doing at least 3-5 other things

3. Anyone who knows me now would never believe I was a very quiet and shy child – really 🙂

4. People who belittle others to make themselves look good – drive me nuts

5. People labeling every thing as a “condition” and using that as an excuse to do nothing – drives me nuts.

6. I can spell out loud, but have to start at the beginning of the word. Maybe twice 🙂

7. As a kid I wanted to be an author and a teacher – so teaching others to write and promote would be the final step in reaching those early goals 🙂 Done one, need to do the other.

8. The fact that friends, family and neighbors assume I do nothing all day is irritating – but there is a reason we are warned not to assume things 🙂

9. There are very few things I can eat or drink that don’t make me physically ill – makes meal time a nightmare – but there’s always water and crackers 🙂

10. I’d love to help people realize that sons aren’t more important or valued than daughters, but even in the 21st century there are too many people who feel this way, even in the US and even in my immediate area.

Here are 7 blogs (in no particular order) I believe deserve this award now. Remember, this award is given to those who have the gut to say it as it is, to tell the Honest Scrap:

Dyan Garris


Kathleen Gage

Donna Sundblad

Terry L White

Susan Wingate

Joyce Anthony

How to be a Sales Superstar by Mark Tewart

Every aspect of our daily lives are affected by sales, even though we may not think in those terms. When you buy any product or service, various sales people are involved in the background. Even your utilities are affected by the sales process. Sales people have gotten a bad “rep” for years, but that isn’t necessary. We all know people in the sales industry that are superstars. The question is – how do you become a sales superstar? Mark Tewart is a definite expert who has the answer to this question and he is sharing his thoughts and tips in his new book “How to be a Sales Superstar”.

Read my review here – http://www.evancarmichael.com/Book-Reviews/2820/How-to-be-a-Sales-Superstar-Break-All-the-Rules-and-Succeed-While-Doing-It-by-Mark-Tewart.html

On Monday December 22nd, I’ll interview Mark Tewart on my internet radio show. I’m going to try to do something different this week. When we look at the current economic situation in the US and the world – we know that many businesses are in precarious positions. So, I’m asking people to send me their questions. I can ask my own questions, but I’m willing to ask your questions during the show. Mark Tewart has a wealth of great information to share and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share it with my listeners.

For people who aren’t in business – think about the unemployment numbers. They are higher than they have been in many years. If you had tips to help you do better in your current job – even if you aren’t in sales – wouldn’t that make you worth more to your current employer?

Feel free to send me your questions and for people who cannot listen to the show live, you can visit the site www.blogtalkradio.com/nikkileigh and download the show. We will be on air Monday December 22, 2008 at 3 pm EST. If you have questions, please forward them to nikki@nikkileigh.com

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Virtual Blog Tours – December 15th

Monday December 15

Mark Tewart visits with Coach Camille – www.blogtalkradio.com/coach-camille – Live at 6 pm EST – Call-in Number: (347) 326-9317 You can download the recording to listen after the show.

Gurutej is interviewed on Co-Creator Radio with Mary Eck – 10-11 am CST – http://www.co-creatornetwork.com – Call-in: 512-722-1938

Kathleen Gage hosts Dyan Garris at http://www.dailyawareness.com/2008/12/guest-blogger-shares-insights-on-energy-balance-through-chakras.html

A special four day event for Mark also begins today with Joyce Anthony. She shares some information about Mark’s background today on her blog – http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog

Dyan Garris is interviewed on Nikki Leigh’s Promo 101 Create and Promote – at 3 pm EST www.blogtalkradio.com/nikkileigh Call-in (347) 215-8201

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In Detail With Russell A Vassallo

1. Tell us the book title and your author name.

The book title is Streetwise: Mafia Memoirs and it was written by Russell A. Vassallo.

2. What inspired the book?

My early days in Newark, NJ were filled with mobsters and tough guys. By the time I was twenty I had almost been killed twice in mob-related incidents. After recounting these stories to my wife as a routine part of living in Newark, she convinced me that they were anything but routine and should be captured in a novel. Hence, Streetwise is a memoir of my connections with the Mafia and my grandfather’s affiliation with that organization.

3. What makes this book special to you?

For one thing it recalls a lot of my younger days in Newark NJ and the colorful people I was privileged to know. For another it reminds me of how lucky I am to be age seventy-four and able to write. When I was sixteen a drunken man lined me up against the wall because I had been tossing firecrackers in the air. He thought I was shooting at him.

4. What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?

Streetwise: Mafia Memoirs is a totally different kind of Mafia book. Most books of this genre focus on the violence of the Mafia and the business end while my book delves into the characters and personalities of the men who shared that occupation. The Mafia didn’t always succeed at what it did and when it failed the results were usually humorous. For example, the hijacking of a truck that was supposed to be loaded with expensive furs and turned out to be filled with slaughtered beef.

It is a personal recounting of my experiences within a Mafia-connected family and the power that came with that connection. It is also a personal recollection of how dangerous such an association can be. Reviewers tell me it’s a one-of-a-kind-book.

5.What people NEED to read this book and WHY?

Streetwise is a book for general audiences. I would think that women who like biography would enjoy this book even though it’s a male-oriented book. One chapter deals with my efforts to save a young prostitute from a life of drugs and orgies and the resultant warning from the local Don when I interfered in his business.

Men especially would enjoy this book. It’s a power book. In a sense its an adult book, but today, adult can mean many things. Generally any audience that has mature reading interest will be fascinated by what I have to say… by what I have experienced.

6. What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?

Even when I am far from a typewriter I am writing. The thoughts flood into my mind no matter where I am and often, something I see reminds me of a past experience and I go back in time. I told my wife recently that once I get the first and last lines, the remainder of the story is already written. I tend to write in a straight line because I am dealing with personal experiences.

This was the case with Streetwise. I was reading a book that mentioned the legal execution of a man who had murdered a local gambler in my neighborhood and I mentioned to my wife that I was less than six feet away when that occurred. She slapped me on the arm and said: “When are you going to start writing?” That night I did.

Tips for sparking creativity? Write that first line. Sleep on it. Ask yourself what if… And let your character dictate the story to you because you know him, know what he will do, know how he will interact with other characters. Let your character take you to a point and then employ the fork-in-the-road approach. What if this happened, but what would happen if the other thing happened. Struggle for that tantalizing first sentence and finish leaving the reader wanting more.

7. What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to0 get into this unusual industry?

Certainly not the money. Writing is probably one of the lowest paying professions out there. No, I think people become authors for a number of reasons. They need to express themselves. They need recognition from others? They want to feel their lives have been worthwhile and should be preserved somehow. They like the feeling of having accomplished something. I know when I won my awards for my first two books I was filled with tremendous pride that I had proven I could write.

8. Tell me about the most unusual thing you have done to promote any books?

About the only thing I haven’t done is go door-to-door and I don’t intend doing that. I do have a friend who did. Our routine is pretty usual. We talk about our books wherever we go. We speak at various organizations. We entice bookstores with profit potential. But I don’t think we’re doing anything more than what we have read about in promotion-type books.

9. Why are you the BEST person to write this book? What is your background or in your research makes you qualified to do justice to this topic?

There is no one better to write this book because I lived each and every day of it. It was my family that was involved in Mafia activities and it was me who witnessed some of the events that unfolded.

10. If a potential reader thinks that your book wouldn’t interest them, what would you say to convince them to buy?

I’d tell them that it’s not just another Mafia book and that it recounts personal experiences within the organization that I personally witnessed. People are enamored to know that I was part of a dreaded organization, even if only9 on the fringes. And I would tell them that it’s a book written from personal experience. No fluff.

11. Why does the topic of your book interest you? Why would it interest potential readers?

For one thing it involves my past days among people I loved and who I saw in a very different way than the law viewed them. So my interest is born of family ties and the power that came with being family-connected. It would be of particular interest to people because they’d finally have met someone who was part of a feared organization and survived to tell the tale.

12. Is there a way to tie your book topic to current events?

Everyone believes the Mafia is dead and gone and that the federal government ended it with convictions in the Pizza Co
nnection. The fact is that the prosecution of the Italian Mafia splintered the criminal world into a number of Mafia organizations that are much more ruthless than the Sicilian Mafia ever was. There is now a Mexican, a Chinese, a Russian, an Irish, a Dominican Mafia as well as others. Where once the Italian Mafia had rules that excluded civilians and political figures from being targeted, the other Mafias are actually savage. They have no compunction about executing innocent bystanders or political figures. There is a host of unsolved murders of judicial and law enforcement officials that in all probability trace to one of these Mafia groups.

Few will deny that with the absence of the Mafia from Las Vegas, the city has taken a decided turn downward. Gangs now roam the streets. Drunks and the homeless lay in gutters not far from glittering palaces. Con men abound. None of this occurred when the Sicilian mafia controlled Las Vegas. Crime abounds in a town where the Mafia once get order. Law enforcement is unable to accomplish the same rule of law because their hands are tied by civil rights organizations and the so-called liberal weeping willows of the criminal world.

My book is tied to every episode of mob violence that occurs on an almost daily basis.

CL Talmadge – Before I Was Published

I decided to be a writer when I realized, in my late teens/early twenties, that I had no other discernible skill except writing. That pretty much narrows one’s career focus. Also, since the age of 13, I had been
day-dreaming about this love story between in prince in peril from his father and the woman he loves who has mysterious healing skills and
abilities. I wanted very much to write the story.

My writing career began in 1976, when I was hired as associate editor for the oldest weekly newspaper on Long Island in New York, The Suffolk County

From there I went on to report and copyedit for several daily newspapers, including the Las Vegas Sun, the Orange County Register, and the Dallas
Times Herald
. I then became an editor for Adweek/Southwest, an advertising-marketing weekly trade publication. While at Adweek I picked up freelance assignments for Business Week, Forbes, and the business section of The New York Times, among other media.

I left fulltime journalism in 1989 to write a nonfiction book about a method of emotional and spiritual healing resolution that I ended up self-publishing in 1999. I did odd freelance writing gigs, but was not very good at developing a network of contacts to find more steady assignments.
Two years later I became a staff writer for a broker-/dealer, a job that lasted until I was laid off in 1994.

I returned to freelance writing and added freelance pr to my resume as well-all the while still thinking about the story from my teen years, which by this time had grown to include four generations of women. I finally started writing in earnest in 1998, and a decade later have published the first three novels in what grew to be the Green Stone of Healing(R) epic
fantasy series.

I am close to completing the fourth book, and hope to publish it in 2009 while working on Book Five.

Teel James Glenn Talks About His Book Promotion

Interview with Teel James Glenn

  1. Where are you from and where are you now?

I’m a Brooklyn boy, born and bread in Flatbush, though as I often point out—I am from Flatbush, not of it. I think of myself as more of a citizen of the world. Though I didn’t get far-I live in Union City New Jersey right now just across the tunnel from Manhattan.

  1. How did you get started writing?

I started writing as far back as I can remember filling notebooks in grammar school with ‘comic books’ of adventure characters.

  1. What do you do when not writing?

I fall down, or get stabbed or set on fire. I am a stunt man and fight choreographer who is a sword expert. I do plays, TV and films (lots of low budget late night drinking party watching films).

  1. What would readers like to know about you?

That I believe in heroes. Not just believe, I actively live my life trying to see the positive, not ignoring the negative, but choosing to operate ‘in the light.’ And so do my characters. I don’t want to spend any more time with ‘villains’ than needed to tell the story-I’m sick of the idea that the badguy is always more interesting dramatically-I thinks that’s not true if you really find the humanity in your hero.

  1. What inspired your first book?

I had a summer writing course in high school and we were supposed to write a short story each week-I talked my teacher into letting me do a ‘novel- a four chapter book (which by the way I rewrote as a novella some thirty five years later and it saw print!)

  1. How many books have you written?

To date I’ve written eighteen books, most of them in the last three years since I committed to writing as a career.

7. What are the titles of your books and in what genres?

The published or contracted books are:

The World of Altiva fantasy series books are: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, The Daemonhold Curse, Sister Warrior and the forth coming The Daemonhold Inheritance. (All from Epress-online.com)

The Exceptionals Sci Fi Thriller series books are: The Measure of a Man, Across theWasteland and On the Good Ship Caligula (From WhiskeyCreekpress.com)

The Dr. Shadows pulp detective/mystery books set in the 1930s are: A Hex of ShadowsShadows in Hong Kong (both due out from Epress-online late in o8 and 09.) and

And the first books of two series:

Vision Quest Factor (Sci Fi) and Knight Errant: Death ad Life at the Faire (Murder mystery)

Lastly: Them Fightin’ Words: A writer’s Guide to Writing Fight Scenes is a nonfiction book from Epress-Online where I give away some of my tricks.

8. How do you decide on a topic or genre and why are specifically qualified to write on that topic.

My stories always start with a character or two—the theme or genre actually comes later, in fact I ‘ve had characters shift genre’s on me when they wanted (Yes I think of them as alive). And I never write about something I have not experienced or researched very deeply—my varied background in my ‘other job’ has helped with that.

9. How do you manage to keep yourself focused when writing a book?

When I’m starting a book I have to really focus in—until the movie in my mind is running full bore-then nothing can distract me-I write while walking down the street, eating, talking with people—once I’m rolling I’m a ‘writing machine.’

10. Do you write to make money for the love of writing or both?

I write to be read-otherwise I could just fantasize the stories and be done with it. I want money for my writing so I can afford the time to write to be read by more people. Would I write for free? I might tell my stories for free at a gathering of friends but , no- as Robert Parker once said when Mickey Spillane referred to readers as ‘customers’—“That’s right, we ain’t giving it away for free!”

11. What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used. Which are most successful?

I am absolutely no judge of this—I haven’t sold enough for long enough to be able to tell you.

12. What are some unique methods you’ve used? Which are most successful?

Again, not a clue but I hope to have soon.

13. Do you sell through a website? What’s the address, if not why?

I refer people to the publisher’s website or Fictionwise or Amazon—I am not web savy enough to run my own site though someday I’d like to.

14. Where can people order your books?

My books are all available on Fictionwise or Amazon or from the publishers directly. Just goggle my name and I shall appear!

15. What format are your books in? E Book, Print or Audio?

So far both my publishers (and those of the anthology I have a story in) do both print and e versions. Hopefully audio books will follow.

16. Will you write more books?

Try to stop me!

17.What do you have in the works?

I just finished the Third Exceptionals novel and am about to launch into the fifth Altiva novel but I may take a little break to do some short form detective fiction I have a contemporary character Jeremiah Falcon that has been flying around in my consciousness waiting for a landing strip.

18.What does the future hold for you and your books?

I would like to do an illustrated version of some of my work—and a collection called Visions of Altiva-I am a painter/illustrator as well- which would explore the world visually. And The Exceptionals was originally conceived as a TV series and I’d love to shoot it—I did do a pilot trailer for it which I later recut into the book trailer.

19. What is the most successful thing you’ve done to promote your books?

Getting reviews, I would think—I did a lot of research and went after reviewers for my last few books and I think it has helped get the word out. That and making sure the books really were the best thing I could do and had my heart in them—I think the word gets out if you do that.

20.What is the least successful?

I don’t know—it is hard to gage-probably the writers groups I belong to—I don’t think most writers have the money to buy a heck of lot of the competition’s wares. But I might be wrong.

21. Tell us about your most recent work.

The first Exceptionals book: The Measure of a Man came out in May and has been doing well, was in fact the best seller for Whiskey Creek Press. It is about bio-enhanced bounty hunters in the year 2030 whose identities are protected by UN mandate.

22.what makes this book special?

It is my take on realistic ‘superheroes’ filtered through political science and current technology. And a way to examine just what it is, philosophically that makes a person risk their lives to do what they perceive is right. When I created the world of the Exceptionals in 1998 with my writing partner Jerry, we imagined terrorists attacking the World Trade Center in 2010. We were off by years but a lot of the world we foresaw is happening, and maybe will happen.

23.What sort of comments have you gotten about the contents of this book?

It has been doing well, a best seller for Whiskey Creek Press and spent a couple of weeks at number 17 out of 4400 at fictionwise. And one of the reviews at Simply Romance reviews said, in part:

“…The Exceptionals is a great book and the start of what I hope to be a long series in the science fiction/thriller suspense genre. The authors fictional world set in the mid 21st century is so vivid and compelling you find yourself believing that this reality of the world actually exists. Teel James Glenn and Jerry Kokich have created a great fictional world for their Exceptionals and I for one can’t wait to return.”

24. What makes this a book other people must read and why?

It offers hope for that darker world to come and deals with some eternal issues about life, its meaning, purpose and direction. And the action is darn good.

25. What people need to read this book?

Anyone who loves adventure writing, strong women characters and political thrillers.

26. What sparks your creativity? And any tips for others to help them spark theirs?

I can get my inspiration from anything—A tv show that I didn’t like the plot twist and so see it going another way—or one I liked so much I want to do my version of it. A book I read, an article. Or some location I think a character should go to. As to sparking others’ creativity—just be open it comes at you from all sides. Just pick one and go with it.

27. What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?

I think it is the same motivation that the firs story tellers had sitting around a campfire—they have something to say- about themselves, the state of the world or some hope they need to express. It is easier now than ever to get your story out there—less of a monolithic new York tower to climb so more people are taking the plunge-which is good in many ways but bad in the sense that there are so many voices now that it is hard to be heard even if you do have something to contribute.

As for me—I have always wanted to share my stories with people. One of my biggest thrills is reading my work ( ala Dickens) at conventions. I do story telling at Ren faires and to know my work can touch people is a tremendous feeling. It is a hard industry, however, and so I have had to work to become a craftsman as well as a storyteller and that is the stage, I am afraid many new authors don’t embark on—it is the hardest part.

28. What is the most unusual thing you have done to promote your books?

Let people hit me in the head with pipes. On screen. The book trailer I did for Measure of a Man, culled from the TV pilot has me being bashed about quite a bit. And I do a lecture demo for Them’s Fightin’ Words that has a bunch of that in it.

29. If a potential reader wasn’t interested in this book what could you say to convince them to read it?

If they aren’t hooked by the first page I’d be surprised. It starts off at a dead run and doesn’t stop; the characters, even the bad guys- are people you can relate to.

30. Why does this topic interest you and why would a reader want to read it?

The search for meaning is universal and ultimately that is what all my work is about—that and the search for love to give life meaning. Even heroes need love

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