Getting So Much Done

Just had to drop in for a minute to let you know what I’ve been doing 🙂 I’m getting so many things done that I wanted to do – but couldn’t find the time.

I have a blog that was created just to promote my novel – Lilah and the Locket ( and it generates hits on my website every month. But I wanted a blog where I could blog about the next book in the series – you’re welcome to take a look and get a sneak peak at my next novel –

I also have wanted to move the author promotional interviews to a new blog and since I learned how to export and import blog content on Blogger — its very easy and quick — that gave me the perfect tool to move those interviews –

Then, I’ve noticed that there will be many things that I want to add to Book Promo 201 – but that would hold up the release of the book forever – so what about creating a blog where I can post new things as I discover them. The blog will be a great follow up resource for people who buy either of my books and could entice people to buy the books in the future 🙂 This blog will contain my promotional articles, some announcements and follow up promotional tips and articles —

Next – I need a blog to promote the Misty Cove Series — will keep you posted about that one.

Nikki Leigh

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