Its Here! Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tour Gift Guide

It’s here, the Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tour Gift Guide for 2008. This gift guide makes shopping easy and showcases many people I worked with in 2008. There is a wide variety of products to entertain, teach, and show you ways to improve your business and personal life. If you’re looking for gifts, shop from the convenience of your computer and choose from the many great gift ideas found in the pages of this gift guide.

We are sharing:

  • Young Adult Fantasy – Conor and the Crossworlds Series, Wind walker & Beyond the Fifth Gate
  • Writing Fantasy – Pumping Your Muse
  • Historic Romantic Suspense – Bloodstone Castle, Widow’s Walk, Lady Lightkeeper
  • Contemporary Suspense – Bobby’s Diner, In the Arms of the Enemy & Lilah and the Locket
  • Business – Being A Sales Superstar
  • Promotion – Email Marketing, Book Promo 101, Book Promo 201
  • Management – Transformational Power
  • Money and Manifesting – Other Items in The Spiritual Toolbox
  • Kundalini Yoga DVD’s and Energy Rejuvenating Exercise Flip Charts
  • The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom
  • Politics – How Obama Won & The Ethnic Presidency
  • True Story – My Father, My Don: A Son’s Journey From Organized Crime and Sobriety
  • True Story – Vietnam Air Rescues
  • CD’s and DVD by Dyan Garris – Relaxation Music & Automatic Chakra Balance
  • DVD’s by Gurutej – Kundalini Yoga, Energy Exercise Flip Charts and Chakra Pillows
  • Travel Through Time with Terry L White – she offers a wide variety of books

You easily download your free copy of the gift guide at If you have questions, you can contact Nikki at

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