Viral Marketing Idea for Conor and the Crossworlds by Kevin Gerard

In my radio interview with Kevin on Monday ( we talked about promotion and he mentioned a neat viral marketing idea that he uses and I wanted to share it with you.

This is one of many devious promotion tricks I use to spread the word about Conor.

If you go to Conor’s home page – – you’ll see a banner at the top. It says:

If you click these links in the website, you’ll see the Battle Ranks, just as they are listed in the books. There are four warrior levels on either side:

Circle of Evil:
Shadow Warriors
Council of Seven:

Readers can e-mail me and ask to become part of the Council of Seven or the Circle of Evil. I send them certificates I make myself, and I start them at the bottom level. If they want to rise in the ranks, this is what I tell them. Get one friend to e-mail me and I’ll raise you to the third level. Get five friends to e-mail me and you go to the second level. Get ten friends to contact me and you go to the top, either a Destroyer or a Creator, and I make a cool anagram out of their name and put it on the certificate.

It’s a cool way to keep readers engaged, and get the friends involved as well.

Kevin Gerard
The Conor and the Crossworlds Series

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