Email Marketing and Women’s Fiction – We Offer Virtual Blog Tours for Both Topics

We have some things lined up for you the next couple of days. Dig deeper into Susan Wingate’s new e-book Bobby’s Diner. (This book will be in print later this year.) Bobby’s Diner is women’s fiction and delves into difficult relationships between women – but those difficulties are just the beginning of the story…

Are you a sales person or a business person who needs to generate more sales? Then you need to learn more about Winton Churchill’s book – Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles. The title may sound complicated – but Winton breaks it down and makes the process, the do’s and don’ts very simple to understand. Email is not a bad thing and handled properly, it can be a very effective way to promote your business. Winton Churchill is a man who can help you learn to do it right.

Wednesday September 24 –

Joyce Anthony features her review for Bobby’s Diner by Susan Wingate –

Kathleen Gage – the Street Smarts Marketer – hosts Winton Churchill on her marketing mind blog –

Thursday September 25 –

She will feature an excerpt from Bobby’s Diner –

Susan Payton hosts Winton Churchill today –

Friday September 26 –

Pam Thibodeaux hosts Susan Wingate today

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