Virtual Blog Tour for Winton Churchill’s Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles

Virtual Blog Tour for Winton Churchill’s Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles

– Explained In An Easy to Understand Manner to Benefit Your Business

Beginning Monday September 15, 2008, WINTON CHURCHILL will begin to tour cyber space to promote his business marketing book, EMAIL MARKETING FOR COMPLEX SALES CYCLES. This book is a must have for s
mall business owners, professional consultants, marketing executives, sales executives and anybody in a technology company. Most of these businesses have complex sales cycles. That simply means they form a relationship with their prospects before the prospects make a purchase.

Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles shows how to put together email marketing programs that help build relationships and sales with prospects. This includes key priniciples, strategies, plans and tactics for executives in SMB with complex sales cycles plus the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Some of the topics in Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles include:

· Building rapport with prospects

· Presenting information in a way that they don’t drown

· Reducing tedious and demeaning sales tactics

· Closing more sales

· Shortening sales cycle

· Reducing stress in sales organization

· Reducing uncertainty about meeting forecasts

Winton Churchill is Founder and CEO of Churchill Method, Inc., an international sales and marketing consulting firm that helps clients improve their sales and marketing processes. He is the author of “Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycles.” He has held senior positions in both F500 technology firms including Apple, Oracle, Spinnaker and Sun. He headed sales & marketing as VP at Contact Software, the developers of ACT!. He is Past President of the South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce. The SBACC serves 18 Chambers and more than 53,000 businesses in coastal Southern California.

For full details about Winton Churchill’s virtual blog tour, visit his tour home page at For the most up to date tour information, visit

For more information –

For details on Barnes and Noble – Paperback Edition

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