Meet The Pilot and Survivor From One of the Largest Air Rescues in Vietnam

In August, Dave Richardson did a virtual tour to promote his book Vietnam Air Rescues. This book was created by a father to share an account of the time he spent in Vietnam. He discusses each of his rescues and shares plenty of details about every day life for him and other interesting tidbits about his time in Vietnam.

Vietnam Air Rescues by Dave Richardson Gives You a Chance to…

Eavesdrop—as a father recounts to his adult children his exploits as an Air Force
“Jolly Green” combat helicopter rescue pilot in Vietnam…

Be There—to see what it was really like…

Ride Along—and determine what you would have done when another man’s life was literally hanging in the balance…

Feel—what it meant to save a life…

Experience—heart pounding action in…Vietnam Air Rescues.

Join author to learn more about his life as a “Jolly Green” rescue pilot, picking up aircrew shot down in North Vietnam and Laos. This book is a real treasure with details of his 7 rescues of 9 men and over 30 anecdotes relating to his experiences. The book is profusely illustrated with more than 100 photos, maps and drawings. To order your copy and for more information, visit his website at

Dave Richardson’s final rescue happened mere days before he was scheduled to return to the US. Little did he know that it would be one of the largest air rescues in Vietnam. The man he rescued has written a book about his experience during this 40 hour ordeal.

While reading The Rescue of Streetcar 304—A Navy Pilot’s Forty Hours on the Run in Laos, you might:

Cry… When Streetcar 304 describes a romantic and emotional farewell with wife and children prior to flying into combat over Laos.

Twinge in Fear… As Streetcar 304 is shot down following his second bomb run in the midst of massive enemy anti-aircraft fire.

Anguish… Along with Streetcar 304 as one rescue plane after another is knocked out of the sky by enemy gunfire and another pilot is also running for his life.

Marvel… At the non-stop action in the jungle as Streetcar encounters squad after squad of enemy troops in hot pursuit and then… lions, leopards and monkeys.

Stand up and Applaud… When Streetcar 304 is finally rescued in a scenario readers describe as “Better than any movie”.

Be in Awe… When you read the final epilogue about the story’s aftermath.

On 31 May 1968, Lt. Kenny Fields catapulted off USS America in his A-7 for his first combat mission. His target was in Laos, which at the time was “officially” off-limits for U.S. attacks. What the planners did not know was that Fields and his wingman were en route to a massive concentration of AAA gun sites amidst an entire North Vietnamese division. Fields—call sign Streetcar 304—was the first to roll in and destroyed the target with a direct hit. Three AAA guns began to fire, but, following his wingman, he rolled in again. This time many more AAA guns opened up and Fields was shot down. For more information, visit –

Monday August 18th, author and publicist Nikki Leigh interviewed Dave Richardson about his book and his experiences in Vietnam. To listen or to download your own copy, click the link above.

As a follow up, Nikki Leigh interviewed Dave Richardson and Kenny Fields on August 25th. The second interview was a chance to talk with the rescue pilot and the survivor about what happened during those 40 hours, in the air and on the ground. To listen to the show or to download your own copy, click the link below.

Veterans, teachers, aviation buffs, family members of military personnel, history buffs and many of others enjoyed these shows. They can be a way to start a conversation about the war, help family members understand about their loved ones time in the war, give students a first hand account from the men who lived through this rescue and others and many other people can benefit from these shows.

The content in the shows is just the beginning. To learn the full story from both of these men, read both books and get both perspectives of these pulse pounding experiences and edge of your seat action. Vietnam Air Rescues by Dave Richardson and Rescue of Streetcar 304 by Kenny Fields are both for sale on and other booksellers. You can also order autographed copies from the authors if you prefer. Feel free to contact Nikki Leigh for more information at To read a sample from Dave Richardson’s book Vietnam Air Rescues – visit This ebook contains excerpts from Vietnam Air Rescues and it contains all the details for Dave’s first rescue. Download your free copy today.

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