Powerful New Leadership Book

If you are ready for a powerful transformation in your life, Transforming Power: Stories from Transformational Leaders for Inspiration and Encouragement is a book you must read.

Transformation Leadership is a shift towards leading with a vision, while building synergy with a higher purpose. With 40-years experience, and five books on Leadership, Hugh Ballou is a leading expert on Transformational Leadership. His books are full of the “How To’s” of Transformational Leadership. Transforming Power is rich with short leadership stories from some of today’s most successful leaders. You’ll find them easy to read, useful, and immediately applicable.

Over $4,000 of bonus gifts are yours when you purchase a copy of Transforming Power.

So Hugh has created this unique collection of stories to encourage and inspire you as well as those you lead.

Experience Transformational Leadership for yourself beginning right now!

Here’s what other authors have said about Transforming Power:

The leaders whose stories are in this collection did not mess around just thinking about leadership – they got busy and made history! Their stories will inspire and encourage any leader wanting to make a difference!

Jeff Magee
Author of Find IT, Get IT, Keep IT, Grow IT. and Risky Business
Publisher, Performance Magazine

We are created with different skills and with a different view of life. The leaders who share their stories in this book have demonstrated that we don’t all have to see life from the same perspective in order to be successful. Read this book and be inspired to use your different skill set with success!

John Gray
Author of Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus

This book is like no other book on the market. So many different leaders share stories where their leadership has make a unique difference. Without this unique leadership, there would not have been transformation. Readers will learn from these stories how to make a difference right where they live and lead.


ack Canfield
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul


Transforming Power is available right now. Transforming Power takes you and your leadership skills to new heights.

Buy the book and take your success to even greater levels. Hugh has arranged an extraordinary line up of expertise – just for buying his book – for you. His colleagues are the best of the best.

  • Business and financial leaders.
  • Leadership experts.
  • Marketing and networking geniuses.
  • Communication and personal growth experts.

All have come together today with the sincere desire to help you transform the organization you lead. It’s all yours, and we only ask one simple thing – Lead your organization in transformation. There are over $4,000 worth of free gifts from experts that were hand picked by Hugh Ballou to offer you these bonuses.

Here are the details, and a quick peek at the special gifts for you from so many experts you know and revere: www.transformingpowerbook.com


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