We Kick Off Hugh Ballou’s Virtual Tour Today

Monday July 28

Today we kick off Hugh Ballou’s virtual blog tour. He is touring cyber space and visiting a variety of blogs, websites, radio shows, newsletters etc between Monday July 28 and Friday August 29.

Nikki Leigh interviews Hugh Ballou on Book Promo 101 Talk Radio from 3-4 pm EST. For more information or to listen to the show, visit www.blogtalkradio.com/nikkileigh. Listeners can call in to ask questions by calling (347) 215-8201 or they can ask questions in the chat room.

For more information about Hugh Ballou – visit www.hughballou.com. For full tour details, visit http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/06/transforming-power-virtual-tour-with.html

A SPECIAL BONUS TO EACH PERSON WHO PURCHASES TRANSFORMING POWER TODAY – Hugh Ballou has compiled a list of great FREE bonus gifts for anyone who purchases Transforming Power today. To see a sample of the items that are being given away, visit http://www.transforming-power.com. Just buy a copy of Transforming Power, return to this page and click to submit your invoice number to receive the web page link to download all of this gifts for FREE.

Nikki Leigh – Author, Publicist and Tour Coordinator

www.nikkileigh.com – Book Promo 101: Learn the Basics of Book Promotion

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