Read About a Technique that Changed Author Jim Musgrave’s Writing

On July 14, be sure to stop by Murder By 4 to read Jim Musgrave’s article “Spring Forward, Fall Back” in which he shares a technique that changed his life as a writer. If you have time visit other blogs on the tour, too, where you’ll be able to read excerpts form Jim’s book President’s Parasite, a collection of imaginative short stories with varying themes. To see a review of this book, stop by Anthology News and Reviews on Tuesday, July 15. While you’re there, check out the regularly updated writing markets.

Take time to ask Jim a question or leave a comment. He’s a witty, entertaining buy, and each comment enters you in a drawing to win a free print copy of his book at the end of the tour. Increase your chances of winning by stopping and leaving a comment at each blog hosting the tour.

Amazon Link for President’s Parasite:

Donna Sundblad – Author, Editor and Tour Coordinator
Author of Pumping Your Muse
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