Jim Musgrave Visits Books and Authors

Be sure to visit Books and Authors http://joyceanthony.tripod.com/blog/ where Joyce Anthony will introduce you to award winning author Jim Musgrave, author of President’s Parasite, on Monday, July 7 with a summary of his book. She’ll follow this up with a Musgrave interview on Tuesday, July 8. Leave a comment and ask Jim a question. He’s got a wealth of information to share. In fact, you are encouraged to stop at each blog visit and post a comment for Jim. Each comment enters you in a drawing for a free print copy of his book at the end of the tour.

Visit Jim, learn more about President’s Parasite and post comments. Jim looks forward to getting to know his readers.

Amazon Link for President’s Parasite: http://www.amazon.com/Presidents-Parasite-Jim-Musgrave/dp/0977650367/

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