Use an Open Mind in Your Promotion

Three of the additional qualities that effective book promotion requires, include:

An open mind

These traits will help you search for ways to improve your approach, your promotion, your website and more. You need to always be looking for ways to improve. Potential readers, book stores and other will usually respond to useful input from you. This doesn’t mean that everything you suggest will be a valuable nugget of information.

Authors Need An Open Mind in Book Promotion

Remember that we never know where the best promotional ideas will originate. Give people the chance to share their thoughts and suggestions. This is when you need to keep an open mind. Once you consider the idea, decide if you can use the suggestion. If you don’t understand the idea, ask questions. I’ve found that many times, suggestions can give me ideas to use, or it may spur new thoughts and ideas.

The simple answer is to give people a chance to give you ideas about how to promote your books. If the thoughts are useless, then toss them. Very few suggestions turn into wonderful ideas, but you will never find the golden nuggets if you don’t open your mind.

Curious Authors Can Have Great Promotional Success

Are you a curious person? Do you like to learn more about the things around you? Find a way to use that inborn curiosity to offer better books to your readers. It can also help you discover new ways to promote your work to potential readers. No matter whether you are offering one book or twenty books, you can find better ways to promote them.

Creativity Is Essential For Authors

Authors must be creative in their writing, so why not be creative with your book promotion? Curiosity offers you a chance to stretch your promotional creativity. This is a example of “thinking outside the box”. Open your mind and let your imagination run free. Transfer those ideas to your promotional plans. This doesn’t mean that everything you try will work perfectly. You will probably need to make adjustments, but it gets a little better with each change.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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