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All sponsors who have a newsletter will be included in this section. If you have a newsletter and you would be willing to include a promotional blurb for this website, I’d be happy to include a promotional page in this section for your newsletter.Contact me for more details – nikki_leigh22939@yahoo.com

The Fiction Flyer, the Free Ezine for Readers and Writers of Fiction

Each issue of The Fiction Flyer is packed with articles and information for writers. Through extensive research, we bring you cutting-edge information on books and the publishing industry in general, and fiction writing in particular. Writers are invited to submit their work through various venues, including contests and story and article submissions. Readers may enjoy numerous short stories in each issue.

To subscribe, please send an email to Kathe Gogolewski at kgogolewski@sbcglobal.net with “EZINE” written in the subject heading. An Adobe Acrobat version of The Fiction Flyer will arrive in your email box on a quarterly basis.

For our website:TRI Studio Books LLC offers treasures for both readers and writers of fiction. Readers will enjoy our selection of books and short stories featuring the best in children’s literature, romantic suspense, sci fi, and more by authors Kathe Gogolewski, Ann Durand and Ray Grant. Free stories and poems are available on the site. For writers, we offer cover art and illustrations, ongoing contests and writers’ resources, which include a free ezine, The Fiction Flyer, for writers of fiction. We also offer free downloads on marketing and writing and access to numerous links where writers may submit online media releases. Audio classes for writers are also available. www.tri-studio.com.

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