Sponsor – Ezines

Sponsors who have an ezine should use this space to give us a link to their e-zine and tell use a bit about the types of topics you cover.

The Writer’s Eye Magazine — Showcase for Writers & Visual Artists

The Writer’s Eye Magazine is a bi-monthly online publication designed for writers who are also visual artists. Launched in November, 2007, the Ezine features high quality literary articles, book reviews, poems and stories from writer-artists, integrating both forms of expression.

Check out the latest issue at http://www.thewriterseye.com
2008 Spring Artist/Writer ContestIf you’re a writer/artist looking for a great way to exhibit your work enter our new contest! See details at http://www.thewriterseye.com/thewriterseye_2008contest.html

If you have excellent work (art/story combination) you’d like to have published together—and get paid in the process—we are always looking for excellent stories (both fiction and nonfiction) and artwork. Read our submission guidelines at http://www.thewriterseye.com/thewriterseye_submissions.html.

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