Promote Your Book On A Website

For an author, I feel a website is one of the most important promotional tools. This is especially true for authors who offer e-books and print books. If your readers are savvy enough to use the internet to download books, you need a web presence. Many things impact the effectiveness of your website.

Content Which Promotes Your Books

We have all visited boring and unorganized websites. If you visit a site that has boring content, do you visit it again? Most people will not. The sites which are interesting, can teach us something and keep us entertained are the ones we visit again and again. Another secret is to add new content for your website visitors on a regular basis. We want visitors and readers to visit our sites so that they can learn more about us and our books.

Make It Easy to Navigate Your Author Web Site

The most effective promotional websites are easy to navigate. Thismeans that visitors can easily find the information they want. This sort of website design encourages visitors to come back. Each time they come back to your site, there is a greater chance they will buy your books and tell their friends about your work.

How to Create An Attractive and Pleasing Website

Does your website attract visitors or drive them away? Some websites are hard on the eyes. There are some color combinations which should not be used, while others appeal to visitors. We will discuss effective ways to make your site more attractive.

Anytime a visitor comes to the site for your online book promotion, they should enjoy the visit. Does your site make people feel welcome? Do they want to stick around and read more? Is there more for them to read? All of these are important questions. We will discuss techniques to be sure that your website stacks up with the competition.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo Series

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