How to Write Press Releases

An effective press release can be a great way to promote your book online and in your local area. Online press release services will not post just any press release. The more effective your press release, the more attention it will get. A skillfully written press release can be a great way to gain wide spread attention for your book or special event.

How To Create Press Release For Your Books

Here are some press release creation tips:

  • “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” – place in the top left corner of the page (Some online press release services will request that you delete “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”. It is best to check their guidelines.)
  • Include your contact name, phone number, and email in the top right corner. It is good to use a different email address before you submit press releases.
  • Create an attention grabbing headline – Use capital letters, bold print and centered type. Great headlines MUST catch the reader’s attention. A good way to grab their attention is to tie your book topic with current events.
  • Include the most important information in the first paragraph. It is best to keep the content focused and simple. Write the press release with your target market in mind.• The press release MUST be one or two pages – NO LONGER. Stick with the important and relevant facts about your subject. If your press release looks and sounds like an advertisement, it won’t generate the response you need.
  • Include any details about your book that would be of special interest in a particular area needs should be included in the first paragraph.
  • Check, recheck and check your spelling and grammar again. Then check one more time. It never hurts to check your work again or to have someone else check it for you.
  • Include quotes from satisfied customers. This will create interest and establish yourself as an expert and the best person to write that book or series of books. Explain any research you did for your book. All of these things help establish your credibility and expertise. This will help the reader believe that NO ONE else is as qualified to write the same story.

Things Not To Include In Your Book Press Release

  • Do NOT use exclamation points.
  • Don’t use the words: BEST EVER, or anything like that. This lowers your credibility.
  • Use an easy to read and common font like Times Roman. DO NOT use fancy fonts on your press release and DO NOT or use more than one font. Bold type should be limited to only the most important things.

Key Information To Promote Your Book

  • Edit to eliminate any unnecessary words and any repetition. Make your author press release trim, lean and effective.
  • The first time you list the name of your book – use all capital letters and include order information, the publisher’s website page, your website and email address.
  • The first time you use a person’s name write the full name, after that use just the last name or salutation and last name.
  • Use short sentences. People get bored with long meandering sentences.
  • At the bottom of the release, type “###” to denote the end.

Effective press releases take practice, but are a great way to get the word out about your books. Practice will help you write the most effective press releases.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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